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Intellectual achievements are the result of thought consecrated to the search for knowledge, or for the beautiful and true in life and nature.
Such achievements may be sometimes connected with vanity and ambition, but they are not the outcome of those characteristics; they are the natural outgrowth of long and arduous effort, and of pure and unselfish thoughts.
It is creativity wrapped in the garments of action and a focused mind that has produced the crucial difference our world has experienced today.
It has leveled hilly situations and made paths in seemingly impossible situations.
Come to think of it, do you know that every creature on earth has being divinely bequeathed with a creative mind to solve life's numerous puzzles? Yes!. A firm hold on ones unique creative ability and directed thought creates the beauty we can ever cherish in our world today.
As a teacher, I know that creativity is either inhibited or promoted by various conspicuous factors as outlined by the following paragraphs below.
Attitude they say is everything and as it relates to creativity, it involves an open and flexible heart towards new ideas, a striving to make sense out of a complex society by organising output and information.
Environmental Influence-- Here, it is not just narrowed down to some physical entities but it includes, acceptance and encouragement from people. When you mingle with like minds, you are sure to have the quantum leap you crave and desire for. This is one aspect of environment too.
Time: Everything is defined on the ultimate measuring scale of time. In developing creativity, it is pertinent to give yourself time. It defines a lit of things. It passes wordless yet it has the strength to shift, still and cause the desired grow.
Finally, in your pursuit of growth and desire to make a mark, remember that every aspirations is achievable only when you daily sow those aspirations in your thoughts. It starts from there.

That's the center of creativity

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