[SLICE OF LIFE] Pork chop & Jelly-berry-sauce

in life •  3 months ago

It’s Thursday, which means that it is time for a Slice of Life. Nothing fancy, just one simple phone photo:


What is Your slice of life?

Post it in the comments and get a full upvote for a best (on my personal opinion) one. It does not have to be food. Any photo from your daily life will do.

Thanks for a FISH!

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A baby under phototherapy in the hospital where I work.



А у меня уточки)


Помню этих уточек! )

Eradicate pests.


Anti-pest ninja ))



It seems to be really delicious food
I will certainly try it, my dear
Really great thing

Looks quite delicious

To be honest it has different meaning to different people

The person who needs money once he gets it than he might say he has got the slice of life

While in other case if someone wants love than once it is achieved than the slice of life in gotten to that person

it just goes on but yeah Slice of life is indeed sth that we all usually get :)

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Your making me hungry master-set haha! My pizza is already in the oven :D!