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Week 7 - The week of 'fun' outdoor growing issues.

After surviving a pretty wet couple weeks things have become dry and mild again here in New England. Some temps into the low 40's are expected, but this is preferable over 60's with high humidities.

We noticed today that the plants had taken quite a beating from the wind gusts that went through our area the night prior.

It wasn't obvious as the plants are supported and weren't flopped over on their side.

What we noticed was a patch of ants around the snapped stem area. Any idea why they are there? We assumed this was for the sap of the plant.

Anyone have an idea if these little insects are helping or hurting the plant?

We have taped the plant and added another support rod. So hopefully they will not have any additional stem snaps before harvest.

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Happy Growing!!!


*** update ***

Sadly to say we weren't able to save either stem that snapped.

This week, all the leaves turned yellow and died. The main stem, the one in this video with the ants on it, and then the lesser one that formed a "V" with the main broken stem. We had to cut both stems off to salvage the buds and leaf before rot set in.

It was definitely our fault. We didn't support them enough. Even right now the other plants are buckling under the buds weight. And I can't get to fixing that situation until Tuesday...

The race against bud rot is upon us.

Trying to be positive and learn from these situations for next year.

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