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It's mid-October and the plants are doing okay.

Bud sites are starting to really fill in which is great. But we've also seen a fair occurrence of bud rod on one of the plants.

Having come from mainly running indoor grows, we have been trying to manage these new challenges as they develop. Which is obviously not ideal, but it's sort of all we could do.

We have been very lucky with the temperature. But the excessive moisture really hurt our plants.

Here are some bud shots at week 8. They are clearly not ready to be harvested. But we are racing against factors that we cannot control. So harvest is likely coming in the next week or two.

Even the lower bud sites have started to show amber colored trichomes and red pistils.

This photo was used for our youtube video. One of the better buds on the most eastern facing plant. It's been hit hardest by the bud rot.

Under a jeweler's loupe we are seeing a mix of clear, cloudy (white) and even amber trichomes.

We've noticed that the pistils and trichomes are in different stages based on where the plants are positioned. They sit in a row with one plant facing the east, one being in the middle, and the last plant facing the west.

The most western plant is the least ripe, with majority of pistils being white and the trichomes largely still having that clear look.

The most eastern plant is the most ripe, with about 40-50% of the pistils having turned red, and the trichomes being majority cloudy, followed by clear, and less so amber.

Here is an example of the bud rot. Such a shame that we couldn't control or prevent it from happening this year... 👎

It has been a really fun ride, watching these plants go from being cuttings, to foot tall transplants, to 12-13 foot giants.

And we arrived to this point with minimal feeding and training.

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Happy Growing!!!


I’m also curious if the stem break plant was close to the first bud rot outbreak?

No not close to the first sign of but rot or the location of bud rot. The stem broke about 6 inches from the base of the plant (these are 12-14 ft tall). And it was due to the top heavy structure of the plant and intense New England winds.

That was really all my fault because I didn't give them the support they needed. I should have inserted a trellis around the time they reached 6 ft. And possibly one other one when then grew taller.

I mean I could have done a lot of things to help these plants. This was a test of what true sativa strains could do in our area.

Very cool test. I think you were smart to limit your work, we can put all the pretty bows we want on them but nature is the boss!

These things would have done a lot better had I:

  • provided a regular feeding, and training
  • forced them into the 12-12 light cycle
  • supported them with at least 1 trellis level

But that will all be for future grows. At this point I'm hoping for 5-10% of the wet weight to be refined down to hash. That will be a just reward for this season.

Once the temp variance gets so big from night to day it is tough to stay mold free. I like to cut them down early at the first sign of mold because it spreads quickly & I’d rather have cleaner immature weed than dirty mature weed, but it is preference & depends on how early I’m pulling. Keep fighting that good fight!

Thanks. We have one more plant left outside. It's going to get a taste of frost tonight. Before we cut it tomorrow.

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