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1. Party Hosting 101 - The Basics

Before you can assume the title of "King of the Party" or "Hostess with the Mostess". There are a number of factors you need to have locked down. Here is a list of the main things to have set-up before the guests start arriving.

Space - You need to make sure that your guests are going to be able to see the game and try to make them as comfortable as possible for the 4+ hour event. This also applies to the flow too and from the food/drink and bathroom(s). Try to ensure people can get to those stations without blocking the views of the other guests.

Food, Beverages and Non-Food Supplies - Ensuring that there is enough food and drink for all of the guests can be a daunting task. One easy way to help ensure the supplies do not dwindle, is to make the party a potluck design or BYOB. That way you can reduce the total amount you need to provide and set guest expectations ahead of time. Make sure you are well stocked on all the essentials for food and non-food activities before Game day. Avoid shopping the weekend of through game day if at all possible.

Vegetarians & Vegans Are Football Fans & Stoners Too - If you are supplying food to your guests make sure you have options for all of your guests. By stating in advance what you will be making, it will alert those with dietary restrictions to bring additional items.

2. Selecting the right Cannabis

If you are going to be providing cannabis to your guests, there are a lot of options to choose from now, Strain type, flower, concentrates, edibles). In our opinion the best choice would be either Flower or concentrates. Edibles are less predictable and we would not recommend them for this type of event.

Choosing the right strain for the Super Bowl - We recommend going with a hybrid or indica leaning strain, preferably containing between 10-20% THC. By choosing a hybrid and indica leaning strains you can avoid some of the negative effects commonly associated with sativa strains; such as anxiety, panic attacks, and paranoia. Hybrid and indica leaning strains tend to have more calming effects without fully knocking out your guests. We also strongly recommend against sativa given that the Super Bowl alone can cause a lot of anxiety and stress in its viewers. Indica and Indica leaning Hybrids will be a great option to avoid those issues.

We recommend: Northern Lights, BubbleGum, and most of the OG or Kush varieties.

Choosing The Right Cannabis Form (Flower, Concentrates or Edibles) - First we want to start with what not to choose. In our humble opinion we do not suggest offering edibles to your guests. Not everyone is experienced with edibles, and they have a longer on-set and duration, both of which may not be desired by your guests. Also homemade edibles can vary in strength well beyond commercial brands. You also need to clearly mark these as cannabis edibles so guests don't accidentally eat them. The main issue we see with edibles is that your guests may be under the influence long after the game has ended. More potent edibles could leave your guests under the influence into workday on Monday. If you choose edibles, be mindful of ensuring your guests get home safely (i.e. walking, car-pooling, ride-sharing, couching it, etc.).

Okay We're sorry for that PSA Tirade...

Flower & Concentrates are a great option for the Super Bowl. You have a variety of strains to choose from, and each will have a unique flavor profile and effect. Also there are a lot of ways to smoke cannabis. And they will not leave your guests stoned long after the game has been won or lost.

Vap Pens - These are expensive but really easy to use. They also make no mess and leave little odor after being used. Possibly the best choice if your budget will allow.
Water pipes, bowls and one-hitters - In our opinion these are all great options but you need to know your audience as they are not inconspicuous. One-hitters are a great method to conserve your flower reserves. If you have people over who do not smoke these are not the best choice. If you choose these options, we recommend cleaning out smoking pieces before the party and to have alcohol wipes. Some people will be very grateful to sanitize the smoking device between uses.
Party Joints or Blunts - These can be great when all attendees are okay with smoking. These can also be enjoyed outside or away from the main room. If you enjoy these methods inside, expect that room or rooms to smell like cannabis afterwards. If you go with these options, consider stocking up on papers and blunts for the party.

3. Good Party Etiquette - Cannabis Guidelines & Safety

As any good host, you need to work to make sure the supplies are stocked and the guests are having a good time. You also need to make sure the guests are not overdoing it. In many ways this is like keeping an eye on the alcohol consumption by your guests. Try imposing a cannabis cut-off like what is done at baseball games. Where alcohol is no longer served after the 7th inning. This will help ensure your guests will be able to get home safely. Also if you live in an apartment or condo with central air, keep in mind that your neighbors may be bothered by the smells. If you have a central air system, you should consider Vap Pens or have your guests enjoy the cannabis outside of the building and away from any A/C units and fans. And as we have mentioned earlier, if you have guests that do not enjoy cannabis, be mindful of this. Communicate the house rules to your guests ahead of time so there are no issues at the party. Also have back-up plans for any guests who are not able to get home safely on their own.

4. Super Bowl Squares - The Cannabis Version

This is something we are going to try this year. We thought it would be a fun thing to share. We are basically taking the rules from Super Bowl Squares and in place of cash winnings you get flower or seeds. Buy-in agreed upon by all parties and you work to fill the squares. And then during the game people learn if they won by the scores at the end of each quarter, half and final score.

5. Make Sure Your TV Gets The Game

This is by far one of the most important things to have locked down before kick-off. Yes it may also sound like the dumbest thing in the world, but with so many people getting rid of cable you may not have the channel to watch the game. Should you be one of those people there are a lot of options. Temporarily signing-up for a cable package, online streaming, streaming through your smart tv. Whichever method you go with, just do your research as some may be more pricey than others.

We would love to hear how you decided to enjoy the game. What cannabis strains did you choose, and what cannabis product did you have at your party.

Thanks for reading & Go Patriots, Beat L.A.!!!!

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Happy Growing!!!


Perfect post for this Sunday! I don't care who wins, as long as it is not the Patriots ;)

my favorite are silver haze !!

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That's a great strain. However we were not so sure it would be the best one for a high stress environment. I agree that sativa's are great for parties. But for a championship game, I would strongly suggest either pure indica or indica dominant hybrids. But for the record one of our go to strains is super silver haze.

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