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Pretty tight infosum their thoughts that we are now surrounded by noble people. Zombies, biorobots-that is, people living with the flow and not trying to pull themselves out of the quagmire.

Hard dragging Hippo from a bog, especially when he likes it to live. Quit? The easiest way. Well, if the task is to arrive together to the place of awareness? That is, to quit now means passing the entire path first. And so always, until the two of not will pass a check-point.

Sociability and control. To get this done and to check what has been done right. According to Shesterikov different kind, on the earth from 50% to 90% non-humans in human form.

That is, there is a non-zero probability that you can talk to the exploits of the inhuman. That doesn't count. So the priority is to ensure that the human environment was from the people. Or just know that the second half is a man and life is not wasted on him.
Now, in an era of aggressive reporting and active use of propaganda and post-truth, it is more difficult to break out of sleep. However, it is possible to find precious thoughts and images. At the current stage, personal communication with people who are also looking for difficult answers prevails.

As you know, like attracts like. And if a person has embarked on a path, then the path will come across people who somehow help to overcome difficulties or will be able to prompt.

It's like you woke up after drinking, all sleep in a drunken stupor, and next to it is a mineral water. Or strong fresh coffee. Or cold brine.

The first step is difficult, it is a physiological struggle with bad habits-alcohol, tobacco, drugs. To move forward you need a sober, active mind and a more or less healthy body.
The next step in the world of conscious zombies it will be heart-rending attempts to get someone from a close circle. In most cases with the hand will ignore or removal from mysterious ideas and thought.

I think the first time (and it can last a couple of years) a person needs to get used to a new perception of reality. To the best of his influence with Wake up the neighbors. Without perseverance. After all, each fruit Matures in its own time.

Yes, the outside forces will try to suppress and drive back into the stall. But these attempts are broken about the will of man. Apparently, there are laws of the current universe that can not be changed.
The same post in Russian on the site golos.io https://golos.io/ru--mysli/@massatela/2018-7-3t08-55-21 and then ...

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