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Today my wife woke me up saying she had to get to work and someone needed to watch the baby then left in a hurry. Well my daughter came walking into to the room just as she was finishing her sentence and wanted to know:

'What Baby?'


I don't know if you know, but calling your 5-6 year old a Baby is one of those unforgivable sins as far as the Baby is concerned, or at least that is the case in my household. So Mom and Dad are general careful not to say the word Baby in front of the Baby. lol This doesn't mean that it doesn't happen from time to time and I got to tell you the riot act we get is hilarious and made even more funny by the fact that both of us are trying and failing to keep that Mom and Dad expression on our face. While Honor is telling us in that very cute voice with emotional strain and indignity:

"I am not a Baby"


"You hurt my feeling when you call me a Baby"

Now today I get up as I said being woken up by my wife, to take care of Honor. I don't know if my wife heard the tirade and so I don't know that she knows that our daughter felt violated (because she left in a hurry).


  • I did however distract my daughter with that question that is becoming a staple of our morning routine.

Honor yesterday you said I was the perfect Dad and the day before that you said I was the Fancy Dad. So I would like to know what kind of Dad am I today?

After scrunching up her face and putting her cute little fingers on her chin, she gets this marvelously devilish expression on her face just before delivering her verdict.

'You're a Fancy, Fancy, Fancy, Perfect Dad.'

Than just a few seconds later and in case I forgot my new designation I am sure.

'Can I have a muffin for breakfast'

I respond with Daa da da daada....

Stomp of foot tightly closed fist "I want a muffin for breakfast!"


Now I knew this tactic of mine wouldn't work forever and to be fair to my daughter she did ask sometime in the fog of me waking up to data overload. Not wanting to lose my new designation and realizing this could be a day breaker I decide to tell her:

I don't mind honey if you have a muffin for breakfast today as long as you know it isn't happening everyday.

She responds with:

Ok daddy not everyday just today!


My life is such a joy! #challenge30days

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