Chilling in Kandy: We just arrived

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Hey guys, can you guess where am I? Well, I'm in a hostel in Kandy. We're taking a nap now.

We arrived here at about 7.00 am. Then we went to the stadium and practiced a bit. Kandy is so crowded and there was a big traffic jam. It's not so surprising cuz there're more than 200 people in the stadium.

The place where we are staying is a bit far away from the gym. We all stay in one room and there are 11 beds. I've been so comfy and relaxed so far but in the afternoon we have practices.

I'll try to post some pics later. Bye for now :)

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You posted while you were taking a nap, such amazing skills you have! :D

I'm so glad you made it safely to the hostel. Also glad you're comfortable and relaxed. And of course you miss your sister, I can understand that. You're so close with each other. :)

I have amazing skills too, and I am casting a Good Luck spell on you! This will help in your competition, although you don't really need much luck because you trained hard and you're prepared. You got this, girl! :)

Looking forward to more updates if you have time and want to tell us about how it's going. Have fun and bye for now :)

I'm so sorry for the late reply. Yeah, you'll be amazed if you hear about my other awesome skills ;)

Thank you. That's true, it had been hard.

Well, I'm definetely sure that we won the fourth place because of your good luck charm! I'll tell you about the next tournament soon so we'll be able to win the 1st place with your spell! XD

Again, I'm sorry for replying late. I've posted a little post about my little journey, if you still haven't read it. Thanks for caring about me <3

Hey hey, so you're feeling very comfy out there even I'm not with you. Anyway, feel comfy there sis. Practice well and come home with a big medal. Miss you so much <3<3<3
Waiting impatiently for seeing your next post :P

Well, the weather is nice so it's no wonder that I feel comfy in a cozy room. I'm not gonna lie, I slept well last night. But my heart is kinda empty without you beside me. Miss you too<3 I will. See you soon :)

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The same goes here sis. I had a great sleep and just woke up a few minutes ago. I think that I didn't have enough sleep lol <3

I thought so. Talk with me on whatsapp. I'm bored. Don't forget to tell me about the Karate class.

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Ok, I think mom's got the phone. I've got loads of work so I'll be kinda busy but I'll try to contact you :D

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