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Surely on many occasions we would like not to discuss with any person from our family, social or work environment. However, on multiple occasions that effort is unsuccessful, and inexorably we end up discussing for some reason with our partner, our parents, children, a neighbor or a co-worker.

Usually when something that happens around us does not fit with the parameters of our logic, our principles and values, our beliefs, our convictions, and our thoughts, we run the risk of ending up arguing to defend our points of view and try to "'To bring reason" "to our interlocutor.

However, if we knew a little more about the harmful effects that these discussions can cause to our organization, we would become more aware of the need to avoid them as much as possible and we would probably think twice before doing so.

Recent scientific studies, such as those conducted at Carnegie Wellon University by Rodlescia Sneed and Sheldon Cohen, have shown that discussions, in effect, have a very detrimental effect on the individual, both physically and psychologically, even up to four. years after taking place, especially when it comes to adults over 50 years, being the most harmful those related to people affectionately close to us, such as the couple, parents, children and close friends.

Among the harmful effects for the body and the psyche of people are the increased risk of high blood pressure, increased adrenaline and heart rate, (risk of heart attacks), anxiety disorders, depression, and addictions that may end up deriving towards other, much more serious diseases.


On the contrary, a harmonious relationship with our environment has a protective value for our health, so avoiding arguments and trying to build solid and positive relationships as we grow older will be beneficial for our body and our mind.

Will it be an easy task?

Maybe not, but it is an interesting exercise for each one in particular, to try different resources and strategies to avoid discussing as much as possible with people from our environment.

Looking for psychological help, if necessary, would be a good option. Surely we will feel physically and emotionally much better and we will increase the chances of living many more healthy and happy years.

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