VENEZUELA ... Dawn and we'll see?

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Venezuela continues today in a climate of political tension, which began last January, when Nicolás Maduro began a new term of six years after winning elections that were branded as fraudulent by the opposition.

In response, the leader of the Parliament and opposition leader, Juan Guaidó, was sworn in as interim president, receiving the support and recognition, almost immediately, from more than 50 countries, especially the US and its president Donald Trump, who since then has he has been determined to support the Venezuelans in their search for freedom, considering that the Maduro regime represents, in the same way, a danger to the security of their country.


Since then, the political conflict has sharpened significantly, and several countries, including Norway, are now trying to promote mechanisms to find a negotiated solution to the Venezuelan crisis.

To this end, on May 17, the Norwegian authorities began their mediating role in an initial phase to start a political dialogue between the Venezuelan Government and the opposition, which will continue on Monday 27, even though the opposition leader Juan Guaidó has I have been emphatic in pointing out that there the only conversations that can be held with the regime are centered on the route set out to rescue democracy: Cessation of Usurpation, transitional government and free elections.


About these attempts at dialogue with the Maduro regime, many do not agree with this initiative, because they consider that they only seek to give oxygen to the dictator, and that this is not the first time that he has created similar spaces in the past, only to Gain time and weaken the opposition.

Given this new scenario, US Vice President Mike Pence has been emphatic in pointing out that "the time for dialogue is over, and it is time for action", so the only thing they expect is for Maduro to leave, not discarding for it the military option.


Between so much uncertainty and diatribe, between so many actors and possible scenarios, an increasingly distressed town survives, waiting for the solution that has not just appeared.

To its battered economic, social and political situation, there is now a shortage of gasoline throughout the country, which forces people to stay for long hours in queues to be able to stock up on fuel, given the uncertainty that this situation can significantly affect also the distribution of food in the national territory.


While the people in Venezuela endure the crisis as best they can, some are discouraged at times. Many prefer to emigrate; others maintain the hope and faith that the required help will arrive from one moment to the next, as well as their opposition leader Juan Guaidó, who continues to travel the country, carrying a message of faith and optimism to all proof, so sure and firm, like the one who knows the end of the movie, like the one who saw the light at the end of the tunnel ... the happy ending. Will it dawn and we will see?



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