Twilight of Lara, Venezuela!

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Twilight is called at a certain time interval before sunrise or after sunset, during which the sky is illuminated. In the first case, we speak of morning twilight, dawn or aurora, while, in the second, it is the evening twilight.

The twilight is produced because sunlight illuminates the upper layers of the atmosphere and light is diffused in all directions by the molecules of the air, reaching the observer and illuminating all their surroundings.

Lara State, one of the twenty-three states that, together with the Capital District and the Federal Dependencies, form the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, whose capital is Barquisimeto, located in the Central-Western region of the country, that phenomenon can be appreciated every evening, which paints our sky of that orange-reddish hue for which it is well-called, the twilight city of Venezuela.

It is very difficult not to admire its beauty, because it does not go unnoticed. You have to see some twilight of our Barquisimeto to make you fall in love with our land Guara!

Here I leave you some photographs of our Barquisimeto twilights taken the last days.