Nucita and the mouse trap

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It's been 4 years since Nucita, our beautiful terrier, white and brown, went to heaven, the product of an illness that ended her life. However, today we still remember with a smile one of his most particular follies.

That day, my daughter Patricia, as usual, took pains to bathe Nucita until she was very clean and perfumed. It was amazing how Paty took care of her as if she were a self-sacrificing mother.

That day, early in the morning my husband had placed a mousetrap, because we had noticed, that some were hanging around the kitchen, especially at night. It was a sheet of cardboard, with a strong glue, which he prudently hid under a shelf, far from Nucita's view.

After my daughter finished grooming her, our dog walked around the house freely, as always, because we were never in favor of enclosing our little animal anywhere. After a while of tranquility and silence, when we thought that Nucita was resting or asleep, she appears before our eyes in a way that we will never forget. I limped, almost not walking, not seeing!

One of its legs was stuck to its face, the same as the cardboard with the mouse glue that my husband had hidden under the shelf. To our surprise he had found it, leaving the glue adhered to its legs and much of its fur. We were dumb to see that disaster.

After our amazement and disbelief, we had the enormous task of trying to remove that glue from his scared little body, there being no alternative but to take a scissors and cut, cut and cut.

Nucita had never looked as ugly and shorn as that day. It was necessary to take her later to the canine hairdresser so that she was shaved almost flush with her skin and that her hair would grow back normally.

In all that process she made a face of innocent and guilty at the same time, a question that was part of her personality, but we do not stop laughing when we remember her image that day. The mice that night also did theirs.