Liberation of Venezuela .... in the freezer?

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In the middle of May 2019, the president of the United States Donald Trump assured that many things would happen in Venezuela, from the following weeks.

A month has passed, and on the contrary, it seems that the speech, in principle, direct and defiant of Trump, who came to speak, including military intervention, if necessary, to depose the dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro, has come deflating, to the surprise and despair of many Venezuelans.


Worse, some representatives of the Trump government, in recent days have criticized the unity of the Venezuelan opposition, within which, certainly some are committed to a peaceful solution, through mediation and reconciliation with the ruling party. Others, however, demand the exit of the dictator immediately.

This is how, after the negotiation attempt in Norway, now, Sweden announces this Friday that it is organizing a meeting in Stockholm, with some international actors to promote a peaceful, political and democratic solution to the Venezuelan conflict.


While the US seems to have gotten the case of Venezuela in the freezer, at least in the terms in which it had handled it at the beginning, the world diplomacy seems determined to try to solve the Venezuelan case through visits, mediation and dialogue.

Undoubtedly, the Maduro Regime, up to now, has managed to handle its cards very well, and its advisers are not willing to allow the dictator to surrender power so easily.

A defeat by the electoral route would be supreme gain for the people of the ruling party, many of whom have outstanding debts with the justice, because the exit would be by the democratic route and not by the violent route, which would assure them a calm permanence inside Venezuela.


The situation remains very difficult for Venezuelans; for the opposition, for the negotiators, even for the US? What happened? What has prevented Trump from acting? What bet? Do you expect all national and international diplomatic authorities to be exhausted to achieve the objective at no cost? Will the interference of Russia and China in the matter have anything to do with it? How much longer does Trump have to earn the glory and his future re-election with the liberation of Venezuela?

Too many questions without an answer While the diatribe continues, the hardships of the Venezuelans continue, trying to survive in the face of unprecedented inflation, a dollarized economy on all four sides, lack of medicines and electricity, water, telephone and gas services working with great flaws.


This is compounded by the problem of gasoline supply, corruption at all levels and the high levels of violence that are being seen in the country, especially in the border areas.

In response, the number of Venezuelans willing to leave the country continues to grow. Some just wait for the end of the school year to pack their bags and go and look for life in other sister towns.

Already pass the 4 million compatriots who have done, and will continue to do so in bulk, because the Venezuelan only has the ability to decide, if you continue to survive the hope that before the end of the year something extraordinary happens that Take Maduro out of power, or flee from conflict, from persecution and poverty that has him flogged.

The sad thing is that many of them are professional men and women, people trained in arts and crafts, who of remaining doing their life in other latitudes, Venezuela also loses a human resource of incalculable value for its recovery.

For that reason, and for now, it seems, that the case of Venezuela is in the freezer.
I wish not for long!