Why My Husband and I Have Wedding Rings Made Out Of Wood

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I should start off by saying I hate the jewelry industry. I think it's crazy how much money men spend on jewelry for women as an expression of love. There are some wedding rings out there that cost as much as a down payment on a house. I always told my husband I'd rather a house over a shiny rock on my finger.

My Husband and I's Simple Wood Wedding Rings


My husband let me pick our wedding rings.

It took me three months to decide what suited both of us. My husband hates capitalism and the jewelry industry as much as I do. It was a hard search. We are both people who enjoy being different. We don't enjoy following the crowd. Both of us agreed we needed rings that represented who we are as people.

In my research I avoided the most popular rings. I never looked at a diamond or ring over $50. I knew I wanted a home over an expensive wedding so I was practical.

Etsy became the place I kept checking back because you can personalize your rings or find rings out of the norm. I really liked one seller who sold rings made out of coins and came close to choosing them until I discovered wood rings. There was one seller who specialized in making beautiful rings out of wood. The seller is no longer on etsy but I loved his work.

They are made out of Patagonian Rosewood and Maple




A Little Different. A Little Controversial

I come from culture where people enjoy tradition. They expect all people to follow the same route and standards. Me choosing wood wedding rings was a bit controversial. People accused my husband of being too cheap to buy me a "real" ring. Both of our rings cost $50 together. A few people didn't believe me when I said I chose the rings and blamed my husband for forcing me to be cheap. To me these people were basically saying if your man doesn't spend hundreds of dollars on you then he doesn't love you. That's a mentality I really hate.

It was upsetting because I love the choice for our rings. No one else has our rings. They are one of a kind. They were made to order just for us. I hate the idea that all people have to be the same. My husband and I are happy being different and live our lives according to our own rules and say screw anyone who is mean to us for being happy.

Holding Hands On Our Wedding Day (my husband has a hitchhiker's thumb!!"


Do you have unique tokens of love like wood wedding rings?

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Very very beautiful rings! Live your life the way you want it is yours!❤️

This is so inspiring @marxrab !
The whole " diamonds last forever " sale scheme to get people to spend thousands of dollars on a simple ring, is soo disgusting. But people just kept getting on it, simply because they'd feel inferior or "unloved" . As if money gives value to anything.

These rings are really lovely, I love wood! Glad to see there's more and more people waking up from this stupid diamond ring conspiracy

That you so much! It really is a horrible thing to teach people...that they need to show love with material objects. Big businesses make so much money advertising "love" and how to show it. I love my wood ring. It means more to me than some expensive diamond.

Love the photo and rings! The jewelry industry really is a racket, especially when it comes to diamonds. When I was an undergraduate taking an art metals course, two students actually crafted their own rings in white gold. The instructor helped them set stones... Rubies, if memory serves. There are alternatives to the jewelry store and those wooden rings look like a great option!

Plus, they're not likely to be allergenic :-)

That is really cool about your student friends. That really is unique! There are so many creative rings out there. Most people don't realize you have other choices out there and that it is okay to be creative.

Yours ring 💍 is beautiful and understandings between you is fabulous.
Upvote too.

I dont have wood wedding rings
And i don't have a gold wedding rings
But i have a great heart for a great girl

Didn't know they made wood rings! You two will likely not be in debt if this is how you operate. Good choice

Niceeeee! Beautiful rings!

These are beautiful! I wear a small platinum band that says "I feel you even when I close my eyes" my ex husband gave it to me and I wear it even now that my husband got me a traditional diamond set haha so I guess that's pretty unconventional. I like the inscribed band better, my ex still wears his go figure. lol

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