My Wig

in life •  6 months ago

I made this hair commonly called telephone wire or indomie or pick and drop with a pack of attachments.
The hairdresser my roommate,made it by braiding the hair to some extent and leaving it to drop.
After this the curls were made by using a thread to tie and placing in hot water for about 15 minutes.
This could have been done with a curly hot tonging machine but the thread and hot water (manual method) gave same results.

After about a month of carrying the hair,it became old and I needed to loosen it. I decided to trim off the curls and use the curly portion to make a wig.
With the aid of a crotchet pin,I attached the curls to a wig cap.Then i trimmed properly.
The result was amazing.My first hand made wig.
I used it to church on Sunday and to visit a friend on Monday.

This is the picture of the hair before.
This is the picture of my wig after.

Thanks for viewing my post.
I hope you like my wig too.

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