May Outfit & 🐶

in life •  6 months ago


I wanted to post this pic a few days ago, but unfortunately Steepshot did not work 😕 So here is my May outfit, although it is already June. Last month was wonderful, because I could spend a lot of time with my family. Dogs are also family ❤ I'm grateful that I also can spend this weekend with my family ❤

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A dog’s pregnancy lasts for approximately 60 days.

@dogfact Aha that's interesting 🙃 my dog is not pregnant.

Excellent outfit, you are a lady with a very good taste, but most of all you are a very smart lady. You speak Spanish, English, German and probably another language, that I'm not aware of. Love the photo, that beautiful place and of course your lovely dog. Have a good one dear @marthastardust :)


@mendys-soul Thank you very much for your kind comment ❤ My dog also greets you 🐶 Have a good day!


Lol, you are lovely my friend. Thank you :)

Love your outfit and cute dog.