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Lamas are fascinating animals: not only do they look very cute, but they also have some interesting and beautiful features. They are very gentle and relaxed animals, but at the same time curious and attentive. Things we humans could learn from them 😊


I was so lucky to spend some time with some nice lamas and go with them on a hike. Here I share with you some pictures from these happy moments.


On this picture above you see me with Giovanni, a two-year young, very playful buddy. He also likes to eat all the plants on his way 😄


Also his comrades are beautiful and friendly lamas. They live all together at a farm where they have a lot of space and the farmers very well take care of the well being of the animals. It was for sure not the last time I have visited them 💗

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Funny and pretty! :) Thank you for sharing!


Thanks for your comment :) Glad you have enjoyed it!

Nice. My sister farms llamas in Australia


Sounds interesting :) I also would love to farm lamas when I'm older and don't travel so much anymore.