What Part Do You Play? A CHESS PARABLE

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A Perspective On Perspective

At the first, I was once told to imagine all of life as a chessboard. The question was posed to me: "Which part do you play?"

This made me take pause and consider... Each piece has their own set of unique abilities and limitations.

There are more pawns than anything else, diminishing their value somewhat... and yet they are the explorers. They are also often the ones that sacrifice themselves for the good of the team.

The back row of royalty and their guards - more powerful and cunning, and therefore, greater targets for the enemy to capture.

Which part do I play?


I spent a great deal of time considering this question. Am I just a pawn? There are times I feel I'm down on the battlefield, playing against knights and bishops. My only instinct is to stay alive until the next move.

There are times when I feel more powerful, more cunning, and more prepared. A rook perhaps? The mighty queen?

A king never appealed to me- the stress of it all- that the whole game was on my shoulders, while everyone fought to protect me and I only moved in retreat...

Who would I choose to live as?

Many years later, from almost nowhere, the one who asked the question reentered my life! And without hesitation, I blurted out my predicament. "I'm lost- I don't understand my role in the game! Please help me-- I don't know what part I play!"

As I waited for an answer, a smile overcame them.


"Life is the chessboard. You are the one controlling the pieces."

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