My greatest success, my son and Mahler

in life •  9 months ago

So, in first grade when asked to choose between voice and violin, my young son said the violin looks like Daddy's guitar so I choose that. He is now on a music scholarship at TCU in his sophomore year. He has perfect pitch, and I'm talking about not just one note but any group, even clusters. There is nothing he doesn't hear. It's amazing. So they (the school) posted their end of the year concert and we we're checking it out after the concert, he and I. And he mumbled in the affirative to post :-) He is to the left of the conductor three rows back, second chair from the front. I am so proud of Jared. He is loved by all. There is a very deep story, that maybe one day I can son is my greatest success...oh yea, this is an amazing piece of music, Mahler. I got to enjoy it live and I bring it to you as part of my journey. may you enjoy it as well, Mark

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Hi @markaustin,

Thank you for your high quality contribution to Steem's classical music community. I enjoyed listening to the TCU Symphony Orchestra's Spring concert on youtube. You must be quite proud of your son (and justifiably so).

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thank you so much. What a great surprise!

Congratulations! It seems like your son is quite talented!

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Too cool I love it thank you very much