What do we have to do to lead a stress-free life?

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Wake up 15 minutes earlier
Prepare yourself the evening before for the beginning of the day
Avoid wearing tight clothes
Avoid relying on the help of chemicals
Schedule your appointments early
Do not rely on memory ... write on a sheet
Practice preventive maintenance
Do duplicate keys
Say "no" more often
Set your priorities in life
Avoid negative people
Use your time with wisdom
Simplify meal time
You always have to make copies of important documents
Anticipate your needs
Repair any thing that does not work the way it should
Ask for help when you have to do something you do not like
Divides overall tasks into smaller targets
Look at the challenges as challenges
Looks differently to the challenges
Make your life easier


Be prepared for rain
Make a child smile
Mangaie a friendly pet
You do not have to always know all the answers, and that's okay
Look for silver-clad things
Say something nice to a person
Teaches a child to raise a kite
Go through the rain
Schedule your play time for every day
Take a bath with foam
Be aware of the decisions you make
Believe in yourself
Stop telling you negative things
Imagine yourself as a successful person
Develop your sense of humor
Do not you think tomorrow will be a "better" today
Set your goals / goals
Say "Hello" to a stranger
Ask a hug from a friend
Look at the stars
Practice easy breathing
Learn to whistle a song, any song
Read a poem
Listen to a symphonic piece
Go to a ballet
Read a book in bed under a warm blanket
Do something new. Get out of monotony
Give up a bad habit
Buy flowers
Look out for flowers


Find support in your immediate family
Ask a person to be your shoulder to cry
Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today
It works to become more optimistic and cheerful
Put safety first
Do everything in moderation
Pay attention to the exterior
Try to touch "Excellency", not perfection
Exceed your limits a little daily
Go to an artwork and enjoy what you see
Murmura a song that you like
Take care of your weight
Plant a tree
Feed the birds
Practice elegance and good manners under pressure
Do stretching exercises
Always have a "Plan B"
Learn a new game
Memorize a joke
Be responsible for your own feelings
Learn to meet and meet your needs
Try to become a better listener
Know your limits and make people around you know
Have a good day for someone
Throw a paper plane
Do exercises / daily sports
Learn a new song
Go to work / get up early
Make cleaning in the closet
Play with a baby
Go to the picnic
Go on a different route to work
Depart from work earlier (with the boss's permission)
Put an odor in your car
Watch a movie and eat popcorn
Write a note / letter to a distant friend
Go to the game and scream
Cook and eat candle light
Recognizes the importance of unconditional love
Remember that stress is an attitude
Keep a diary
Exercise a wide smile
Remember that you always have options
Almost an emotional bond with people, places and things
Stop trying to change people
You're asleep
Talk less and listen more
Make compliments to people

Guide to a psychology professor for a stress-free life.

Brett Phillips became known among his students after giving them at the beginning of the school year a list of 101 things they have to do for a less stressful life.

Among the tips offered by Philips are ingenious ideas such as "Exercise elegance and good manners under pressure", or "Recognize the importance of unconditional love", but include the typical "Smile" or the well-known "Sleep enough"

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After obeying all of this you will become an angel😃
Anyway nice and encouraging post
Thanks for sharing


Thank you .

Nature is beautiful.

Very beautiful nature loving poem