The charm of a flower

in life •  9 months ago

This flower has a special charm a three-color flower





smartphonephotography @marius19
maker : SAMSUNG
model: GT-I9300

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Beautiful flower..
I have a garden but flower is small.

What a beautiful This flower has a special charm a three-color flower

I really appricite your post,,thanks for share with us......

photography amazing, I was amazed with the results of the image interest you, we wish you a successful Unfortunately Yes, I hope you can help me love

Wowwww... that's a beautiful flowers photography, i like your garden....

In a single word just beautiful. I haven't seen such a rare flower yet. Thanks for sharing it with all. You have really captured nicely.

It is amazing, I wish it was mine

What stunning colors, nature never ceases to amaze me. Do you have them in your garden?

I wish my girl wanted to have a garden with flowers like that, they are really beautiful.

I will follow you to be aware of the photos about the flowers that come up, they are very good. I am a tattooist and many times I am looking for real but original references for my designs