Life is a train trip

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We climb and descend often, there are accidents, pleasant surprises at some stations and deep sadness at others. When we are born and on the train we meet the people we think will accompany us throughout our journey: our parents ...


Unfortunately, the truth is so. They descend to a station and leave us without their love and attachment, without their unconditional friendship and inspired company. It's true that there are other people on the train that will take an important place on our journey. These are our brothers, our friends and those wonderful people we love.

Some of those people who board the train are watching the trip as a short walk. Others find only sadness during the journey. And there are others in the train who are always present and ready to offer their help to those who need it
Some leave behind them when it comes down to an eternal longing ...

Some climb and descend and we have just noticed them. We wonder that some of the passengers we love the most move into another wagon and leave us at this stage of our journey. Of course we do not let ourselves stop and we strive to find them and to get in the hurry to go and move in their wagon. Unfortunately, sometimes we can not sit next to them because the place next to them is already busy
He does nothing, so is the journey: full of challenges, dreams, fantasies, hopes and breaks ... but without turning ...

So we have to make the journey in the best possible way. Let's try to get to the end with those who travel with us and look for what is best in each of them. Let us remember that at any stage of the journey there may be a companion of us who hesitates and who probably needs our understanding. And we will often hear it and there will be someone to understand ...

The biggest mystery of the journey is that we do not know when we will finally descend from the train nor when the ones who travel with us, not even the one who sits next to us.


I think I will be gentle when I finally get off the train ... I think so.
Breaking up a couple of friends I met during the trip will be painful. It will be gutsy to leave my loved ones alone. But I hope that the central station will once and again come and I will feel that I will see them arriving with luggage they have not yet had when they boarded the train.

Which will make me happy is the thought that I also had my part in increasing their luggage and increasing their value. Dear friends, we must strive to have a good trip and that at the end we can say that it was worth the trouble.
Let's try to leave behind, when we descend an empty place that misses and beautiful memories to those who travel further.

Those who are on the side of my train I want: Pleasant Journey !!!

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The author Victor Pelevin has a book called The Yellow Arrow, it is very interesting and there literally people go on the train. book about life. Very interesting, you'll like it, read it. The colors are very beautiful.

very nice pic.....

stunning photos 💙💙