In love

in #life5 years ago

True love is sincere and pure is based on being able to talk about anything with the person you love.


In love, you have to be honest and when the partners speak, they can find a solution to any problem that they will have.

If love is sincere, she can survive for any thing or any problem.

When you truly love you are willing and ready to help your partner
immediately and with whatever you can.


When you truly love this wonderful feeling will make you want your partner to be happy, which means love is also based on moral support and support.


Its great my friend 😀love is really beautiful feeling between to people 😄

Speaking about talking with the loved one and listening his problems, in love it is also important to have a sense of empathy, which means that when the other one tells you his or her problem, you are able to live and feel their feelings so that you can understand them better. Keep it up @marius19 !

Very nice. So wonderful. You have amazing drawing skills.
beautiful colors!!

very beautiful painting @marius19

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