A memory remembers me

in #life5 years ago

A memory remembers me
I cried like never,
Tears in petals have turned
And petals in bloom.
And it's not a beautiful flower
Like the tears of fulfilled love
I have the most beautiful memories with you
I'm always thinking about you






Ithinkthat'sa greatpost..Human obligation to blooms is unceasing. The blossoms are going to the joy of the excellence of the sun.

At the point when individuals improve those blossoms with the purpose of their ability, taste and psyche, their allure is extraordinary. Ruppiyasiye man has more than once submitted himself to the supplication of the Manoranjan of blossoms.
All the best..👍👍👍

Human debt to flowers is eternal. The flowers are coming to the delight of the beauty of the sun. When people decorate those flowers with the intent of their talent, taste and mind, their appeal is different. Ruppiyasiye man has repeatedly submitted himself to the plea of the Manoranjan of flowers.

"A memory remembers me" -- beautiful
That's the perfect way of revealing how a random memory pops up and takes my breath away.

I love the purple.

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