Masquerade on the mountains of Naxos Island - moments by @mariandavp

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Fiftyone days before Easter, Greeks celebrate their own Halloween called Apokries (Αποκριά).

People dress up all over the country and have fun on the Streets, in their houses, in taverns... even outside.

This is what happened on the high mountains of Naxos island, at a small village called Mesi, with no more than ten permanent residents.

Together with my uncle Andreas (The Beekeeper if you recall who is also a wonderful photographer) a group of Naxians that live in Athens, travelled to Mesi to give life and joy to the elders that live there all alone.

Here is what happened!










Love from northern Naxos!




Interesting in several ways, so small village, so well dressed up with Nice clothes. Also Very Funny to See. And about the view; what a Nice place, and then the blue from the roof; to fel in love with.
I believe you had a good time. Thanks for sharing those colorful fun people !

It is always great on the island! Thank you @livelifefullest!

Good a post @mariandavp

ανέβασε φωτογραφία από τότε που είχες ντυθεί Κλεοπάτρα να πέσει το Steemit απ'την πολύ ομορφιά ;) <3

Ποτε? Δεν θυμαμαι! Σε φιλω Μαριουλη 😘😘

Thank you for sharing this experience with us "@mariandavp"and sharing the joy with us as well!!!

Boy that looks like a lot of fun! I love costuming!! Thanks @mariandavp

Ι also think it is liberating. Thanks @enjoywithtroy!

Wow! Masking is such an old and sacred tradition. I wasn't aware of this Greek tradition, Thanks for sharing the pictures with us!

Thank you for stopping by @madlila!

Wow ... The village is small but full of excitement, and also a good photo @mariandavp

Nice funny mask...and great photography...@mariandavp
Enjoy your travel and keep it up......
Be well ...

I am having a very hard time picking out which one is you in those photos.

Hehe I am behind the camera!

hopefully the little villagers named Mesi were happy and excited by the newcomers who wore various masks, and they were welcome to live in the village mesi.
good post @mariandavp

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