I'm curious, what gets you up in the morning?? 🎉❤️

in life •  11 months ago

These days, I'm so happy to be alive! For so many years, life was a misery to me.

Life was cold, indifferent and I just plain didn't get it.

After much, MUCH self reflection and self work, I am finally at a place where I'm looking at life like, "Oh hey life! So if you're not cold and indifferent and if in fact, life is me and I am life, then what would I like to be as life today?"

I'm waking up happier and going to bed happier. It's not without daily stumbles and I'm not enlightened 100% of the time, but by golly, things are looking up!

I am grounded, happy, plugged into me and doing work that is meaningful.

When I was a little girl, I dreamed of helping others and saving the world with love. With a big heart.

I would dream that I was flying around the world and just embracing everyone with a giant ribbon of light and love and everyone would be happy. And arguments would dissolve and wars would be no more.

I still dream of this place and day by day, am including loving myself in that vision.

I'm curious, what gets you up in the morning? And if your mornings are less than stellar, what do you envision for your future and what tiny step can you take today to start making that a reality?

I LOVE you all!!!
Happiness is yours for the taking, this I know for SURE!!


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Wow nice and well written, Thanks for sharing @mariana85


Thank you @sameer999 !