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Have you ever lied about your odd hobby you have?

Or maybe your job status or your height?

Or even just avoid putting yourself in a situation in which you knew you were likely to get failed? why did you do that?

Short answer? because you were embarrassed.

Embarrassment comes from you trying to control how other people thinks about you. so instead of just showing the world about those odd try to hide it.
we hide what we don't want people to know about us but it does not have to be the solution because there is another more empowering mindset.

Instead of focusing on other people's perceptions , focus on whether or not you live up to your values.

If you value your own opinions , you wont be ashamed of your status or your thoughts about something particular. the result may not be positive always but atleast you will be proud of yourself that you did what you needed to do not for the world.

It does not matter if you slip on somewhere or fred from a job or get beaten up in a fight, none of that stuff is pleasent but you don't need the double penalty of being embarrassed by those things.
Ignore other's perceptions, Take responsibilities , try to correct the cause and move on.
If you have traits that embarrass you whether its your hight, your status, your job or anything else, well, you can't control those things.
So even though you might not like something about yourself , Own it. you will immediately feel relieved when you accept yourself the way you are.

Now this is not something to give up on improving yourself in the name of self-acceptance.
Focus on doing the right thing rather than trying to please everyone else.
In short, stop trying to be okay by everyone.
STOP trying to control strangers opinions.
Figure out your values and live by them.
Be yourself all the time regardless of the audience.
Make mistakes, Fail publicaly, get laughed at. you got nothing to lose as long as you are trying to do the right thing. you got no reason to ever feel bad about it.
Ow your screws ups,your weirdness and your unpopular actions n you are free.

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and why is that?

if you want to take honey, do not kick the nest.