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Diabetes is often called THE SILENT KILLER. This is because the early symptoms of this disease are really easy to miss.
Remember that timely diagnosis can extend lives.Here are 10 early symptoms of diabetes which should not be ignored.

#1.Increase In Thirst And Urination

  • This is the most common symptom of diabetes when you have diabetes,
    your kidneys can't assimilate all the overabundance sugar in your body.So rather it winds up in your pee , bringing with it liquids from different tissues. This makesvyou to pee progressively and abandons you feeling dehydrated.In a result, you drink more which prompts considerably more  pee and its only an endless cycle.
    How often is too much?
  • Of course we all are different with our own activity level and fluid intake but the average healthy person urinate 6 to 7 times a day or up to 10 times in some individuals but if someone notices their trips to the bathroom becoming more frequent than their personal norm and its interfering  with day-to-day life , it could be a red flag to see the doctor.


  • Feeling hungry than normal is another major symptom of diabetes. When your body does not produce insulin  so the glucose cannot enter the cells due to lack of insulin. the food you eat in not converted to the energy so you keep feeling hungry even if you keep on eating. it only make your blood level higher which makes the whole situation worse.

    #3. Chronic Fatigue
  • Feeling extremely weak and tired all the time even if you did not do much is an early and very common sign of diabetes. the science behind it is same as of the hunger that you are not getting enough glucose for energy plus having to wake up throughout the night to use the bathroom does not exactly let you get healthy restorative sleep. As of result of all this,  your body is drained of energy. Chronic fatigue also makes you irritable because, well , who will feel chipper under such circumstances .

    #4. Blurred Vision

    When your body keep shifting fluids, your eyes shapes changes and cause unfocused and blurred eye sight. Treatment is necessary when this sign becomes noticeable. the scariest thing is if worse comes to worst, there is no going back from it. That's a big price to pay for ignoring a health problem.

    #5. Weight Loss
  • Since its unexplained , you can probably guess that this weight loss does not come with the help of diet and exercise. Diabetes can easily drop 10 to 20 pounds in just two or three months because your body fails to use glucose as a  source of energy. Your kidneys can get damaged too since they work too hard to take out the excess sugar.

    #6. Itchy Skin

    Diabetes drain your skin of fluids due to excessive urination which leaves your skin patchy and itchy. If you have diabetes, you need to take special care of your skin to keep it moisturized ad hydrated.

    #7. Yeast Infection

    Diabetes weakens your immune system and makes you more prone to infections. Yeast and other fungi feed on glucose and thrive in an environment so rich in sugar that's why yeast and fungal infections are pretty common sign of Diabetes. Women should be especially careful about vaginal yeast infections. They might appear due to reasons other than diabetes but its always better to make sure it was a trip to doctor.

    #8. Dark Patchy Skin
  • Dark patches of skin may appear on different areas of your body like on elbows, on knuckles, inside the elbows,on the neck and in the armpits. armpits and on the necks are more common during prediabetes.

If you have any of those signs , Go and visit the doctor as soon as possible.

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Diabetes is a disease that is difficult to heal. from now on we have to keep eating pattern. hope we avoid diabetes.

Thanks for all the early warning signs. Did not know about many of them such as dark patches and weight loss. Need to take care of my body better, lol.