Let the motivation to act more and more ...

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The time of winter hibernation on many of us did not have a positive effect. However, nothing in nature lasts forever - to great relief, the grey months are slowly coming to an end, making room for the impatiently awaited spring awakening.

After many weeks of sitting in the evenings in front of the TV, under a pile of blankets, with a cup of hot tea in one hand and remote control in the other, it's time for ... change. Let the motivation to act more and more pleasant weather, the sun warming in the back and the blossoming nature again. It is impossible to sit back when everything comes to life. I am ready for spring awakening !!!

Thank you for your support :)

I vote for them:

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I hope you have enjoyed !!!

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Yes! It’s time to move and shake bit!
Too much snow is not good for anyone.
Now the sunshine is stronger and spring is near!!
Warm up for more actions.

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Thank you for your wonderful words ;)

Stay strong and healthy!

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It has seemed like a very grey, long winter. Although, I love this time of year to hibernate and become a spiritual hermit reflecting on the year just past and take a look at how far I came through my transformations. This winter has been a deep look to what is inside and what I reflect out to the outside world. Now, as you do, I look forward to Spring and springing into action once again with new insights and directions, with heartfelt joy at how far I have come.

Thank you for your kind words.

Have a wonderful day :)

Nothing last forever we need to give our best till the last :)

Head up spring is nearly here. I love when days getting longer and there's more sun every day. This year so far treat us very well, winter was quite warm and it wasn't raining a lot so maybe that's the reason why I don't feel exhausted so far.

HAHA, I agree with you.

Thank you :)


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