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Self-discipline is that inner ability to drive yourself to do what you should do whether you feel like it or you do not. Self-discipline requires taking responsibility and control of one’s self, actions and direction. Taking necessary action to carry out a set task or goal with unwavering focus amidst difficulties, distractions and in certain cases discouragements is the iron from which the sword of self-discipline is forged. One of the huge differences between successful people and people who fail is that successful people have made a habit of doing the things failures do not like to or feel like doing. The same things that failures do not like to do are also the same things successful people do not like to do but successful people go ahead and do them anyway because they realize that it’s a necessity and this is the price that has to be paid for their desired success.
Doing the things that need to be done even when you barely feel like doing them is the true core of self-discipline. Pleasing results rather temporary momentary satisfaction are what successful people are more concerned about. Failures on the other hand are more concerned with satisfying methods that’s why unsuccessful people would rather do the things are momentarily satisfying, easy and fun. And lot of this boils down to self-discipline and both parts. Stop making excuses. Don’t wait for tomorrow; do it now. Fall off the wagon? Start over immediately. Quit telling yourself something is too hard or that you can’t change. Don’t blame other people for your circumstances. Excuse making is the killer of self-discipline; it allows you to let yourself off the hook. You can achieve so much more in life if you adopt the Nike mindset: JUST DO IT.
Though they may be hard sometimes successful people through discipline do the things that are important and necessary for the success in whatever it is they set their mind on. Self-discipline enables you to do the things that are most important until they are complete.


Most of the time, it's hard, but the result is always worth it

It always is worth it in the end. the end.