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in #life2 years ago

They're called the misfits, weirdos, the delinquents, the artist, they're ones who don't play by rules. Who carve their own paths and do things their own way. Regular people may not really understand them because they operate outside regular conventions but in reality they're the ones who add color and variety to this world.

It takes a lot of courage to go against conventional thinking and go against society's rules. It may seem like an act of deviance but in reality this kind are the embodiment of variety in human potential, behaviour and in visualise. These ones are not the regular and they are not afraid to show. Most of the time they turn out to be the inventors, the innovators of new ideas, the poets, the visionaries e.t.c. This is because they embody so many characteristics that Make them different and are not afraid to express their uniqueness in personality.
I'm reality these guys make the world more colourful and without them we would only have a charade of routines and day to day bouts of regularities which in itself is boring.

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