The Mist - A Short Story About a Moment In Time

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The Mist.

As I awoke today, I was greeted with the serenity of a welcome love.

A gentle mist encases the sounds, softening them so that only beauty drifts to my welcoming ears. I hear the quiet rasp of the tree crickets calling to one another in a strange chorus. Their presence is odd for the morning, it must be an orchestra just for me. The air holds a trace of spiciness in it's grasp, hinting of yesterday's cut lawns. I drink from it, it fills me.

The faint stirring of winged friends brings a smile to my heart and the call of the Mourning Dove is my favorite in this moment as it evokes memories of a simpler time. I hear the rush of mechanical things but my formless friend softens them to a gentle 'whoosh' so as not to disturb the serenity it has created. The mist welcomes my thoughts with a tender embrace. I feel its cool fingers caressing my skin like a lover from a faraway time. I allow its touch on my face, my arms, my soul. I revel in the delicious peace it brings as it blankets the chaos of modern life, knowing that soon it will leave me.

The soft down of it's being and cool droplets are a reminder to allow the ebb and flow of nature to ease our hearts. The mist speaks to me with it's silent voice, a whisper really, calling me into its tenderness, embracing my very core, allowing me a few moments of unrestrained ecstasy. As I watch the gentle breeze move soft wispy tendrils through the leaves, I smile. I feel. I am.

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(photograph is my own)

I hope you enjoyed this little journey I took today!

Thanks for reading!

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