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"Give me a heightened sense of the ideal of the world, and more". Probably with these words I stood in the queue for the distribution of human qualities. I'm a perfectionist. I do not know if it's good or bad, I just take it as a fact.

As the great Wikipedia says, perfectionism is the belief that an ideal can and should be achieved. In the pathological form — the belief that the imperfect result of the work has no right to exist.

Today I want to tell you how this belief helps and prevents me from living at the same time.

  • One of the fatty advantages of perfectionism — I do not know how to do something bad and "through my sleeves". It starts with building cleanliness in the apartment, ends with work, about which I should know everything and even more.
  • This leads to a huge minus — if I'm not sure that I will do something perfect, then most likely I will not even begin. If only you knew how many ideas and thoughts were buried. I'm trying to fight it, but so far it's only a little try out.
  • When I was working in a large computer hardware store, perfectionism helped me a lot. I stood on the showcase with digital equipment (telephones, cameras, players, etc.). I had the best showcase among the shops of the entire Ural region. I perfected it all day, forgetting to sell. Merchandising attracted me obviously more than communication with customers =)
  • But in the family life perfectionism helps only when cleaning the apartment and washing dishes =) Otherwise, it only hinders. I get very irritated when things are not in the place where I put them, that the plates are not in size order and the mugs are placed bottom-down, not up. Here comes to the aid of judiciousness and understanding that it is only my “cockroaches”.
  • For a long time I could not deal with children. Of course, we played, walked, raged, but as it came to development, here I could not stand it for five minutes. After a long enough work on myself, I can do lessons with the elder without boiling and not breaking down.
  • Perfectionism has developed in me a great love for the rules. We have a lot of them at home and they are all obligatory. The adequacy of these rules is assessed by my husband @orezaku, so far quite successfully. Love of the rules extends to almost everything. Very annoying when someone does not comply with them. But this is the imperfection of the world, there's nothing to be done.
  • The pursuit of ideality helps me a lot in my work. After I started making html-markdown, I began to make less critical notices to family (this fact makes incredibly happy my husband).

In perfectionism, as in any other extreme, there are pluses and minuses. For myself, I decided to extract from it as much as possible, along with struggling with imperfections of my perception.

And what are the "cockroaches in your head?"

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