Light at the end of the tunnel

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Is it possible to cross the threshold of death and return back? Many, including doctors, are skeptical of such reports. Perhaps, in this way the body protects itself from a trauma that poses a threat to life?

The phenomenon of the state bordering on death can not be explained. It's amazing how many people have experienced this and described their journey beyond the bounds of life.

Can they be trusted?

The question of whether there is life after death has always been of interest to mankind, but lately it has been particularly heatedly discussed. This is partly due to the improvement of modern resuscitation technologies in medicine, which allows ambulance doctors to save more lives than in the past.

People who miraculously avoided death as a result of accidents, talk about their travels supposedly to the other world. After the publication of Raymond Moody's best-selling book, Life After Life, these stories became widely known, and around the issue of life on the verge of death, fierce debate erupted, which has not stopped for 20 years. Some participants in the discussions completely sweep away these stories, considering them nothing more than fairy tales about the kingdom of ghosts. Others suggest that survivors of the catastrophe are under the influence of the tabloid press and tell journalists what is interesting to readers. Would victims of accidents describe what they experienced if they had not heard such messages in the media? There is also a third point of view that is adhered to by those who are familiar with the history of the issue. They consider such cases as ordinary hallucinations, and the main question that occupies them is what causes these experiences?

An imaginary journey

In the eyes of skeptics, people who tell us that they have been in the border state are certainly sincere, but they have not returned to our world after death. Skeptics view the borderline between life and death as a mirror image of reality, which has nothing to do with the afterlife. And yet the question remains that is not resolved concerning the nature of such cases.

Suppose for a moment that the victims did leave their body. This would mean that some independent part of their being is able to separate from the physical body. Those who experienced such a state are convinced that this is exactly what happened. However, there is no reasonable reason to believe in the truth of their statements.

Many psychologists and physiologists believe that the state of life on the verge of death is akin to the state of trance with the attendant hallucinations. Under the influence of the strongest physical and mental shock in the brain, a large amount of endorphins is released — natural painkillers that cause a sense of happiness and well-being. The action of endorphins is similar to the action of narcotics, including they evoke a sense of peace that some of the survivors describe. After such a journey, many people lose the fear of death, moreover, they regret that they have returned, and partly because at the time of return they begin to experience pain. But at least they still survived.

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Thank you! It made me thinking a bit! Interesting article!

It is possible to do this through meditation with out having a near death experience.

I have not heard about this, but I think it is possible

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