Happiness at the countryside

in #life3 years ago

Do you know, how it is great to start living outside the city? Our whole family convinced it by our own experience. For two weeks now we live outside the city and are happy every day. Children walk on the street, they dig snow, and then with red cheeks they run to dinner. And we just enjoy the fresh air and white snow. I had not felt such happiness and peace for a long time. I hope this fairy tale will last long =)

It remains only to prepare for the new year and turn the house into a fairytale castle =)

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Honestly I've been a city person my whole life. At some point I really need to move out to see the country!

It so wonderful! Listen to the silence, fresh air, no cars, no ugly faces, which hurrying on their offices... There is local store, held by some Uzbekistan man. In that store you can always buy fresh and hot national bread. It's realy realy very hot!

Oh! I'm so happy for you and yours! I can no longer tolerate cities at all!

So am I. I see no advantages living in city.

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Thanks for sharing pictures of your family. Glad you got to experience a change for the better in the countryside.

That's a great experience. Next ought to be moving to another country =)

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