What do you think about that ‚Me too‘ campaign?

in life •  8 months ago 

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I personally think that, the campaign is necessary, especially to take an interest. but what you have to watch out for is avoiding a campaign that is not clear about its purpose and purpose. don't let us get involved in a campaign like this, because apart from self-harm, a campaign like this will also bring poverty to the community.

Campaign is an action and effort aimed at achieving support, campaign efforts can be carried out by individuals or groups of organized people to achieve a decision-making process within a group, ordinary campaigns are also carried out in order to influence, inhibit, and attain achievement.

In a political system of democracy, a politically empowered campaign refers to an electoral campaign that achieves support, in which elected representatives or referenda are decided. Political campaigns for political action seek to include organized efforts to change policies within an institution.

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thank you for your kind answer. I know what a campaign is. However I was asking what you think about that specific campaign :)