What are the risks of being a transgender?

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Transgender is not referred to as a mental disorder if it does not lead to depression until the inability to carry out daily activities. But physical health risks can still lurk.

Gender refers to human reflection on itself, which is formed from the construction of social roles, activities, behavior, and environment. Transgender people who feel that their gender identity is not in accordance with their sex at birth. For example, a transgender woman is a man who is born male, but that person feels that she is a woman. As with transgender men, the person is born with a female sex but feels himself a man.

- Not Mental Disorders

Transgender is generally not categorized as a mental disorder. But there are times when transgender people are more at risk of developing mental disorders because of conflicts within themselves about their gender identity, and also because of discrimination and social pressure. Transgender people can experience a gender identity disorder (GID), if being transgender makes them feel depressed, depressed, or become unable to carry out daily activities, such as working and building relationships with other people. To help improve mental health and evaluate its condition further, transgender people can consult a psychiatrist or psychologist. In some cases, gender transitions are one solution.

- Transgender and Risk of Disease

HIV is one of the most common disease risks associated with transgender. One study found that nearly 28 percent of transgender women tested positive for HIV. About 70 percent of these numbers do not know that they have the disease.

- The following are possible factors that do not support the health of transgender people:

Lack of access to health services

Most transgender people do not have access to health facilities, among others because of social stigma and discrimination from the community. Limited information and health services

Not many mental health service centers have sufficient knowledge and competency to handle transgender. Contradicting rules and beliefs

Regulations or norms that limit condom use as prevention of HIV infection.

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