Cleaning Out the Shed and Finalized the Trim Work

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I'm a bit behind schedule with my plans of heading down to my land this weekend. I got some materials cleared out of my shed that will be useful on the property and finished the trim work in the bedrooms.

I had to use my drill with a smaller diameter bit than the 2" finish nails I selected. I kept bending my nails trying to hammer straight into the oak trim and baseboard.

Took a bit longer than I thought to put the bevels in the trim using my miter saw. I wanted to get it done right so I can leave it be. My friends that want to buy just let me know they are sending a sales agreement my way to review.

I got all the bush the neighbor asked me to cut up and taken to the road. The rest I took out back to get started in the fire pit.

I'll be hooking up the trailer and heading down to my property tomorrow afternoon if everything goes smoothly.

I'll be on @pennsif's show "DO" tomorrow to talk about my efforts with the Surthrival Trailer journey.

Hope to see some of y'all there!

Peace and Joy,

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As preppernurse1 from YT says
One step at a time
One thing at a time
One day at a time

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Yeah man so true, just keep moving forward. I am pretty outta shape right now so that slows me down a bit as well. Building my list and working down according to the priority and try not to get discouraged when things fall behind a bit.

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Looking forward to hearing an update on Surthrival Trailer.


Thank you good sir, look forward to chatting tomorrow.

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