Arrest the enemy called Discouragement

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Discouragement is the act of making something less likely to happen or of making people less likely to do something. It is also a feeling of having lost hope or confidence.
Merriam Webster Dictionary

Discouragement is one of the quiet killer of the brave and the secret assassin of the mighty.

Discouragement is one of the thieves that can steal the crown of champions and dug the grave of stars.

Discouragement has turned many Gehazis(potential, great battle axes in God’s hands) into Gorillas (Ugly vessels of shame) due to impatience and searching for Shortcuts to glory.

Discouragement has whispered to thousands that their glory hour is afar off, yet it was so near and they gave up just before their miracle.

Life is a journey that is not always smooth, if we keep looking into the ugly/rough path of the journey, we might easily be discouraged but when we keep looking into the destination which we are heading to, we will be strengthened to carry on and end it well.

If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.

You can draw strength from the well-equipped armory of Jean De La Bruyere: “Out of Difficulties grow miracles”

How can you arrest the enemy called ”Discouragement”

Focus on where you are going to:

When you know where you are going to, it will be difficult to be discouraged by any form of challenges and difficulties that might arise in the journey to the fulfilment of destiny.

The more we focus on where we are going to, the more we are strengthened to proceed even when things are not working out as planned.

Commit your ways in God’s hands and believe in His ability:

The more we depend on God for our needs to be met, the more we will be assured and not be discouraged in our life’s journey.

Believe that even though things are not rosy, there is God that is capable of making things to turn out for good.

Faith and Patience:

Faith and patience are some of the secrets of past champions who made it, these must be your secret in order to tackle discouragement.

The greater the difficulty, the more glory in surmounting it. Skilful pilots gain their reputation from storms and tempests.

Draw strength from the word of God

There are millions of words of encouragement in the word of God that we can draw strength from when we are weighed down in our pursuit of destiny.

The more time you spent in searching through the word of God, the more confidence you extract from the word.

You can try these also in order to tackle discouragement

  • If you feel depressed, try singing

  • If you feel sad, think of what makes you laugh and laugh it off.

  • If you feel incompetent, just think of past success.

  • If you feel insignificant remember your goals.

  • If you feel fear, plunge ahead

Be the master of your emotions.

Refuse to become the next victim of the demonic masquerade called “Discouragement”.Pray against it, Fast against it and trust God for perfection.

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