WARNING i use a word many times that is thought of as offensive .

in life •  10 months ago 

Any sensitive and easily "offended" people best leave the page now as this may get ugly.

 Back to the tory cunts , yes the conservative party are ALL cunts , every single last one of them are a cunt, i dont give a fuck if they are good people either , if they are a tory MP then they can go fuck themselves with a pine tree, your all cunts . i hope one day God himself opens his back passage and shits on all of you like an oil tanker spilling out the black stuff , welfare reform , the nastiest most evil piece of shit work ever created by any government in my lifetime , and the conservative cunts , surprise surprise thought it all up , so many have died , so many are in utter destitution , so many are homeless coming into a British winter , so many worry day to day , night after night over their survival and complete reliance on this money , if its stopped or sanctioned they are completely fucked , no food no heat no hot water , fuck all .

Before any of you complain about my use of the word cunt , your meaning of the word is different from mine , the word cunt to me means a person who is devoid of feelings , a user , who will sell you at the first opportunity .

Get a job hippy , get a job , get a fucking job you scruffy tramp , the jobless are people who just have no job as opposed to the  people who call them such things who are cunts who have a job .

The DWP , oh the dept for work and pensions , the staff have become the army , with sergeants and corporals , all pretendy little hitlers , shouting and bellowing and ordering people around , a lot of them hate their job but many love the power , the ability to fuck over someone must turn them on in the morning "" im going to work today and im going to be a proper cunt ""i bet when they are driving they will be the ones that tailgate you and shout and scream that your driving at the speed limit or the ones who think they are Lewis Hamilton and where driving gloves in their sparkly german cars , dont mention the war or the Nazis !

if you have been offended in any way by this post , then i am offended at your lack of empathy , so go fuck yourself .


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