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Indonesia is a country located on the Continent of Asia, precisely in Southeast Asia, with the form of a State that has many islands and vast sea, so this country is known as the Maritime Country.

In terms of panorama and tourism, Indonesia is not inferior to other countries, proved a lot of foreign tourists who come to Indonesia for a vacation and enjoy the charm of nature. Both the nautical charms, beaches, entertainment and playgrounds, cities, and mountains and forest are many and still beautiful.

Natural tourist destination that attracted many tourists both foreign and local tourists, among these places is Bali with its beautiful beaches like beach kuta, Jogjakarta with the beauty of culture and heritage such as Prambanan temple, and in Central Java Borobudur temple ever recorded as a miracle of the world . Also other interesting places.

For the underwater world a lot of fantastic national parks in Indonesia such as wakatobi national park, javanese karimun jawa, underwater bunaken sea and many other stunning underwater parks.




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