Is This The End of AMERICA?

in life •  last year

Will this be the end of everything or the end of America? Will this be the Chinese century? Watch this and let me know what you think.

Have you heard of the Modernization Act — Propaganda and False Flag Act (NDAA)?

The power the Trump Regime possesses is incomprehensible and beyond measure, and it includes, manufacturing news stories for social media, MSM, movies, and TV shows. Everything is suspect. Question everything. Hollywood mogul Steve (Suicide Squad) Mnuchin (from Goldman Sachs) is US Treasury Secretary and Rothschild's Wilbur Ross is now US Secretary of Commerce - we are way beyond the election now. Did you really think Trump was going to fix anything?

Bonus video. What is manufactured or fake news anyway?

I will always try my best to bring you quality work whenever I can. Watch the vids before YouTube removes my channel. Again. I like my conspiracies filled with facts! That seems to be very rare nowadays. Haha

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