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"If not me, who? If not now, when?" -- Emma Watson

girl power

Strong Women ROCK

The fact that women are so undervalued in most of our societies -- is insane! And it's pretty much always been that way… Some predisposed social conditioning, that has been instilled in us through out time. They have always had to fight for the most basic of human rights, never mind be equal to men…

Shit… Up until the 1970's -- THE 1970's.., it was illegal for a woman to sit at a bar alone and order a drink… Even after Prohibition in the 1930's many states applied their own laws and regulation on liquor.., and once again, making it illegal to serve a woman alcohol at a bar or within 3 feet of the bar. As if having to fight for the right to vote wasn't hard enough -- they couldn't even get a freaking drink.., legally.

The bearers of life.., and leaders of whole countries… Gods to the Greeks and worshipped I'm mythology. The heroine in so many fairy tales.., and the loves of our lives… Held up to the light, in so many aspects of our life, yet -- if she stands up for own, expects to be treated as an equal -- she's a bitch! And even though, in just about any state, these days, women are more likely to have a college degree -- they still only get 77 cents for every 1 dollar a man gets, for the same job. And they have to rely on some old white man to decide if they can get proper healthcare for their vagina!

"It's work having a vagina." -- Amy Schumer

The strength inherent in women.., can see whole families through the hardest of times.., and raise her children to be successful, happy adults. Can work two crappy jobs.., and still get dinner on the table by 7pm… So often, they find themselves being both mother and father.., with an estimated 12 million single parents, over 80 percent of them are single mothers… And still, with just a simple smile.., melt your heart.

Even though they have raised.., and continue to raise the men that go on to be leaders of companies and countries -- they are still undervalued, blatantly. This socially constructed opinion of the value of a female, as that of being less than a male is.., flawed! Not only are they raising these young men, that go on to rule the world.., quite often, they do it all alone…

strong women

Enough Of The Madness

While those personal beliefs so many hold, of women being less… Creating policies with such beliefs has lead to women only inhibiting 11% of the engineering world, only 18% in the House of Representatives.., and only 4.6% are CEO's at S&P 500 companies… Sexism of any kind has always been unacceptable, never mind.., in the year 2017 -- C'MON… There are already all kinds of politics and bullshit that go into, just about any career or job, never mind still having to deal with sexism in 2017 -- Are You Fucking Kidding Me…

With all the ways women are objectified and dismissed.., it's hard to believe we have evolved much at all -- at least not as much, as we think… Obviously we are leaps and bounds ahead of our ancestors in many ways.., with innovations and technology, they never could have dreamed of… But when it comes to treating women with value.., paying them dollar for dollar, for every man that does the same job.., respecting their abilities to lead -- treating them as equals (mind, body and soul).., we might as well be back in the dark ages.

Okay… Maybe not the dark ages…

Because thanks to some very, very strong women.., that decided they wanted to be paid the same as men, or were sick of getting passed over that job promotion because of her gender… Women that took a stand.., and because of such courage -- their voices were heard. Due to the strength of women like this.., more millennial females will graduate college than males, while more and more take on the ultimate in business -- owning there own. About 29% of business owners are women.., and just continues to grow…

"Women, who struggle and suffer pain to ensure the continuation of the human race, make much tougher and more courageous soldiers than all those big-mouthed freedom-fighting heroes put together." -- Anne Frank

"The times they are a changing' in…" And they have been for awhile… Women no longer put up with that crap. 47% of the total U.S. labor force are women.., and is expected to be 51% by 2018… While more and more women are successfully fulfilling dreams of a career, there male counterparts wages have stagnated for decades…

There will always be glass ceilings to shatter.., chances to evolve, as a nation -- a whole. But the the time for women being treated as equals, has been long overdue… Their value to societies all over the world is evident, they have always been strong and just as capable, as any man I've ever met… It's time some people's way of thinking, starts to catch up to the world around us -- the present time.

The unique set of tools women bring to the table.., should stand on there own… A recent MIT study has shown, groups that contain women are more successful… Women have better social skills, a unique intuition. Physically, they have better peripheral vision -- that believe it or not, aides in decision making. Under pressure, women tend to befriend -- while men, take flight. This isn't opinion, it's science. And not too long ago, it was the Dalai Lama himself, that was quoted as saying -- "Western women will save the world."

By submitting to this, social dysfunction.., we are under-estimating, under-valuing, dismissing and cheating the better half of us.., we are disrespecting 1/2 of the worlds population, regardless of how much we "say" they are valued and equal -- BULLSHIT! By condoning this outdated behavior and belief system.., we are robbing the world of one of it's best assets -- The Woman!

I have been fortunate to have been, raised by.., and known, some very strong women -- and I am better for it!

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Our civilization is still stuck in 1st gear. Half the world's population we're talking here. Can you imagine the progress we could make - like, as a whole, aka humanity - if we embraced the full spectrum that humanity has to offer? It blows my mind that women couldn't get a drink at a bar in the '70s... we have yet to have 1 generation separated from that kind of ignorance. Cheers to progress since, a lot has changed BUT there's still so, so much to get right.


We shoot ourselves in the foot, by not embracing the "full spectrum" of humanity, as you said above... Yeah, I think it was Gloria Allred that gained her status and notoriety by going after bars and places like the Friar's Club (All Boys Clubs) that were still discriminating against women...

Love it. You may be into this event, it's the first of a series championing innovative women leaders and female mentorship.


Thanks, I'll check it out... Cheers!

I am a man, raised by a single mother. But I honestly have never experienced in my life where women were "less significant" than men, so it kind of makes me wonder where this insecurity is from. "The importance of strong women" is like saying "Black lives matter". Sorry to burst the bubble, but I strongly believe in equality, where in no one is "more important" or no lives "matter more" than others.


back in the 60s a white reporter was able to change his skin pigment enough to become a black person and experienced the day to day racism he had been unaware of as a white person. I remember reading about it in the book "Black Like Me". It's not much different for women, even strong women.

From a male perspective, you may not see the day to day sexism that takes place but even strong women experience it. Strong women push back in a thousand different ways, other women just accept that they are going to be treated in the manner they are.

Even a strong women can get worn down from the constant need to stand strong to even survive.


Well said ! @shadowspub

Even strong women can get worn down from the constant need to stand strong to even survive.

already thinking about my reply post @macksby


Everybody's entitled to an opinion...


"The importance of strong women" is like saying "Black lives matter"

Indeed it is. Because black lives do matter. And while you might want to argue that white lives matter just as much well you would be right accept everybody already knows that and when a white man is murdered the murderer usually goes to prison whereas the "black lives matter" campaign appeared in response to a very clear double standard when it came to an unarmed black man being murdered.

Strong women are no more important than strong men. But we are more likely to come across strong men in the world that is dominated by the media.

great post. cheers to strong women everywhere! Go for it ladies


Thanks @soundlegion... I'll drink to that!

I am 100% for strong women and firmly believe that. I have a mother and sister and wife and daughter whom I want nothing but the best for. But it's odd, as a think of it more, I also have a father, a brother and two sons whom I also want nothing but the best for and want them to be strong and successful equally as much.

Women face many challenges in life that men just plainly don't in equal proportions, such as sexual discrimination or harassment. However men have their own disadvantages in society as well; such as disproportionate homelessness, suicide rates and child custody rates or victims of crime as a whole.

So although it's great to stand behind women who are being treated poorly and unfairly, I think it's important sometimes to simply just acknowledge the other 50% of the planet and their plight. I think in this modern age of 'girl power' sometimes this is often easy to forget.

For equality's sake. Anyone? Beuller? Beuller?

P.S. Please don't hate me and call me racist now. I love women too!


I guess, we all could do a little better, looking out for each other... :))


Who could disagree with that? Cheers.

Great post, Strong Women rock!!!


Thanks @michellereneekid -- they certainly do... :))

I'd have been utterly lost without the strong women in my life.


Same here!


May I ask why this has no feminism tag?


Thanks @beanz -- Good question...

This post rocks @macksby
This woman appreciates you for appreciating us.


Thanks @merej99... Anytime!


That's kind of tuff luv! Little rude and arrogant

Nice! Just nice! @macksby :)


Thanks.., I appreciate it!

Strong and powerful words up there. Women rock!!



This just got me thinking.Change will come if we as women start to realize that we are assets!!


Some would say.., our best asset!


If by being "the strong" you mean a woman who can hold herself from talking on the phone all day long ... I am all for that!

I'd give this post 200% up if I could. Strong women are awesome and it's past time all those outdated values were dumped... it's 2017, for eff's sake! So yeah, strong women rock... and I feel privileged (and very happy!) to be married to one!


Cheers @denmarkguy... You sound like a lucky and grateful man!

Great post, It reminded me of this quote-
Thank You!


Sounds like a wise man... Cheers!

How could I miss another brilliant piece of art !
A salute to #pussypower and all great men who understand good women, their mothers who raised them. You seem to be one of those boyzzz :)
PS for fun :

I am the granddaughter of the witch you did not burn

Hear hear!! The dilemma is where to find stronger men ;)


Anywhere you find strong women, meaning that there are also a lot of very bad ones.

How do you want to define strong? Ability to lift a lot of weight? Ability to take a lot of punishment? Do you mean tough? What exactly is strong?


An inner strength, that 's just inherent...

If being strong equals being productive then this is good for corporations and employers. It is also good for women to be strong if they want to be an entrepreneur if you are defining strong as productive, but there has to be more to it than this.

What about ethics?

Hi @macksby, I just stopped back to let you know your post was one of my favourite reads and I included it in my Steemit Ramble. You can read what I wrote about your post here.


Im off to see it -- Cheers!

Well written and true. I enjoyed it and followed :)


Appreciate it... CHEERS!

You know I missed this one way back when!! Great post @macksby :-)