BEING EVICTED… (conclusion) -- Court!

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The Courthouse

Yesterday morning (Tues) was court.., and even though things would be sorted -- it still sucks going to court.., that queasy feeling in your stomach -- as soon as you wake up, that only intensifies, as you go through morning routine, then getting even worse on the train ride downtown… And then, of course, there is nothing like having to take your belt off, put all your stuff in the plastic basket.., and walk through metal detectors, surrounded by cops -- Oh yeah.., then there is having to "check" my wine opener at the front desk -- just in case, I decide to go on a killing-spree with a corkscrew!

Beside all that.., that sick feeling, you just can't shake -- my lawyer was 1 1/2 hours late… Even knowing I now had the funds (thanks to this community) -- I was sure they would find a way to toss me out anyway, now that my lawyer wasn't there… All kinds of horrible/ridiculous thoughts -- how could this happen, how could my damn lawyer be soooo late..?

Finally he showed.., apologizing briefly and then immediately did some "lawyer things" -- came back in 5 minutes and said -- "They are going to make some repairs/updates in your apartment and when they are finished, you pay all the rent -- and it's settled. So, that is why I could not post sooner, I have had people in my apartment all day, changing out light sockets and stuff like that… The problem has been solved.

And even though I did have that queasy feeling heading to court.., it was nothing compared to how I would have felt, if I didn't have the funds… So Thank You, again -- THANK YOU ALL!



Freely given.., with only
the best thoughts,
spontaneously emerging
as it responds
to acts of kindness
with appreciation and love

inspired by selflessness,
gracious actions
of another..,
humans being human
taking care of
each other

aware of all the goodness
that has
just taken place,
such a positive emotion
you --
willingly embrace

a recognition
and thankfulness
one feels in their soul,
undefined by the physical
a feeling
that's really quite mystical

beyond all the norms
we experience every day,
boggling the mind
in a happy surreal way,
it can be hard to express
know what to say

an acknowledgment
of love
something more than
who we are
a reminder of what it's like
just to be ourselves.

I hope you all, always feel.., a genuine, never-ending -- sense of my gratitude!

Much love, @macksby -- Mack

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I am very happy for you! It's been an amazing journey the last week or so. But it looks like you can put this episode behind you and move forward with a good feeling about life and your fellow travelers. I've been uplifted myself, just watching this all unfold. I've told this tale to several people already, and its a great story to share! Wishing you all the best, now and in the future!


It has certainly been an experience!!!

Thanks @kenny-crane

Duuuuuude! Yes!
I'm so incredibly happy for you, man. This all has been such a blessing!

Are you going to continue to live in NY or try out a different place with less expensive cost of living?


Im totally open to leaving NYC... Got any suggestions!


With your bar-tending career, I suppose you're able to move anywhere there's steady work if you find the opportunity. It's a more portable skillset than most. The hard part is finding somewhere else to be, and then adjusting to the culture shock and the potential "ugh, a New Yorker" stigma that some people perceive.


No doubt.., I can whip-up cocktails, anywhere!


Not really, I've just heard that the cost of living there pretty much rapes everyone.
I've heard the same about Cali. haha


Yep, you nailed it -- the two places I've lived NYC and LA are ridiculously expensive... New York really puts the screws to ya... :))

How much will you have to pay?


a little over 11K

Congratulations Mack! Am really happy for you that everything went well, steemit came to your rescue , and the support both financially and through good wishes an vibes have pulled you through, from the bottom of my heart am really happy for you and wishing you all the best in imppementing the changes to your life hence forth.


I appreciate that.., @cmbugua!

Wonderful, such a relief for you, and a bonus that repair works have been done too. Now you can open some wine with the corkscrew you had with you!


Sounds like a plan...

Thanks for your humor here, @macksby:

then there is having to "check" my wine opener at the front desk -- just in case, I decide to go on a killing-spree with a corkscrew!

So grateful for this happy ending.


Gotta lighten it up when I can... :))

Cheers @angelacs

Glad to hear it's all been sorted out! Yeah, courtrooms are designed to be intimidating, and the process is designed to be demeaning. Courts can't hide the authoritarianism they represent, and their monopoly in law makes everything worse.


Thanks @jacobtothe.., I appreciate it.
Yeah, courtrooms are just a horrible place to be -- I couldn't agree, more.

Kita belajar dari sesuatu yang beda

I am happy dancing for you. I am so glad that it is resolved and that your apartment is being upgraded/fixed up.

Your words "a reminder of what it's like just to be ourselves" are echoing and powerful.


Steemit is lucky to have people like you @joannereid!

This is such good news! I'm happy that fixes will be made, you have the money to pay back rent, and can stay!! You must be so relieved.


Hey, @macksby,

I was so very glad today to drop by your blog and discover this post (six days after the fact). I've re-steemed it so that my follwers will have a chance to know the outcome.

Yeah, I hate courtrooms too. The pits.

I'm very thankful to see this good outcome, and I wish you all the best going forward.




Thanks @creatr.., for everything!


You're welcome, friend. So glad things are working out, and I hope you can do some proactive things to avoid another bind like this one! :D

Well, happy for you it has all been "sorted out," even though costly. Court rooms are horrible places to be; been there too many times during earlier phases of my life (divorce, two bankruptcies, IRS suits) and don't want to go back.


Definitely not a place, that inspires a return visit... :))