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Are you being a dick on purpose, or were you just born that way…

(only a dick flips off the Easter bunny)


Yep.., you read right -- ARE YOU A DICK..? And by DICK I mean: dick, asshole, douchebag, scumbag, fuck-face, etc.., etc -- you get the drift… Because believe it or not, some people actually like being a dick.., they take pride in being a dick -- don't know how to be anything else but a dick. And.., if you're really a dick, not just trying to be one -- you can't help it. Even if you try not to be a dick.., waaaaaait for it -- you're still a dick!

And just to be clear.., being a dick is: lacking all civility -- mean, nasty, arrogant. Void of any empathy or compassion.., and good judgement you can toss right out the window. Purposely rude, insincerely polite (only when they have to be)… And being any other way is a sign of weakness. They would rather manipulate, intimidate, cut you off on the highway and flip YOU the bird.., ruin your whole day, make you feel shit -- because they are "special" and you are not...

Dealing with assholes has become such a huge problem.., there have been some studies done; one from a couple of psychologists from Yale University on -- why some people are such dicks… The conclusion they came to was: they have probably been surrounded by not so nice people, not a very caring and understanding environment. The other was an online study that says, some people are less susceptible the hormone oxytocin (known as the bliss hormone) --


Mommy didn't love them enough.., and Daddy was a dick, too. Others like to think, just the wealthy are dicks, with that air of entitlement looking down on everybody from high atop that mountain of money… And while I do agree, many of the wealthy are douchebags.., dicks come in all shapes and sizes -- rich or poor, fat or skinny. Never failing to disappoint, they are oblivious to the intricacies of what is socially acceptable…

But what is disconcerting, about this whole dick thing is.., they seem to multiplying at an alarming rate… As the world around us grows more cynical, many people unsure of what their future holds, fear mongering at every corner -- peoples insecurities running wild… I guess it was inevitable, that there would be more assholes walking around. It's all too easy to rationalize such shitty behavior -- "I just got fired" My wife is cheating on me" The bank just took my house" and "the Yankees didn't even make the pennant."

But is it acceptable…


To Be, or Not To Be -- A DICK

Just because you think you have some right, inherent or not.., to walk around with a perpetual stick up your ass -- doesn't mean you have too. And that superior attitude is doing you way more harm, than good… The energy you give off chases anything positive or genuine -- people tune you out as quick as possible.., and put you in the "dick" category immediately. You might as well have --* IM A DICK* stamped on your forehead.

What happens when you're a dick, you tend to hangout with other dicks.., and besides those women that like to date assholes, chances are your are dating a dick. It'a all that "douchy" energy you are giving off -- it attracts other douchebags. No matter how many shiny new toys you have, viewing people as commodities -- as less than equal.., is extremely unfulfilling. This show you are putting on to impress everyone, even people you don't like, is a losers game -- your fear of not being good enough, not measuring up -- nobody gives shit… And at the end of the day, you're still a dick.

So whether you were -- born a dick, or have justified becoming one later in life.., eventually you have got to take a long hard look in the mirror.., and take some responsibility -- a little fucking accountability for all the unpleasantness you have inflicted on those around you… After all, nobody wants to go through their whole life -- being a dick!

And just so you know… Being a dick, won't make yours any bigger.

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Not to be a dick or anything, but this post could have been a bit longer... lol.

Very entertaining, thanks for the post!


Bite Me (LOL)... :))

We don't know the rest of the story. That bunny might have had it coming.


I have run into some pretty nasty bunnies... :))

Very deep blog


Gotta lighten it up every now and then... CHEERS!

I didn't think I was, now I'm not so sure! @trendhobo


lol... :))

I own a car repair garage and i can always tell when a dick has decended upon us, they will either drive into our garage univited rather than park up and walk in, or they will pop their bonnet believing they are the next job and we will drop whatever we are doing to serve them next, or sit outside pipping their horn wanting us to run out to tend to their instant demands or present us with the parts they have bought themselves thinking this saves them money or or.... im about to have a meltdown just thinking about them, they are everywhere, they are always behind me in traffic and somehow infront of me as well....and they are overtaking me, im surrounded arghhhh. :)


They do have that way about them...