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It is a little too early in GMT +7 but there are several things which already bothered my mind. Yesterday, I found an articled titled " It is okay to put your phone down" via medium. The author explained about a little background whilst his experience dealing with phone addiction. He mentioned that he finally reduced his phone consumption after having signs of rheumatoid arthritis. In the end, he also mentioned several ways to reduce our consumption which we all can try.

But now, the biggest question is,

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how many of us can really do that?

Phone has been becoming our loyal friend. It makes the distance seem nonexistent. It make us feel we are everywhere whilst nowhere at the same time. It makes us think, the world never sleeps. It makes us think, we have accomplished nothing yet it is the other way round. Simply, it is the new gateway to keeping up with the Joneses.

Last year, I did an experiment. I lived in semi-seclusion for about a week. I cut off my internet consumption, living naturally and practicing a bit portion of ascetic teachings. Although I enjoyed it, there was something missing, a friend.

Most of my friends and family are living far away from me yet some are frequent travelers.Sometimes, I wished there was a geographical concentration where I can visit them but that is not the case. They're everywhere but just not nearby my place. If I am lucky, I can only meet them during a semester break (if I am not deciding to visit my family instead). So, phone has been a very crucial tool to connect myself with them. Hence, during that period of seclusion, I felt alone.

I was suddenly forced to find a friend in a traditional way. However, the world that I used to know have been different. From my quest of finding a new friend, I found that people were reluctant conversing to a stranger. And it only took them couple of minutes before they reverted back to their device. So, that moment, I befriended the dandelion in front of my veranda.

Long short story, after a month vacation at my parents, I started developing phone addiction again to curb my stress. I consumed countless information, completely unrelated to one another, playing video games as if I was born for that, and eating my meal whilst scrolling through my provocative twitter feeds. I still remember how my fingers were trembling unexpectedly. That moment I knew, I need to reduce my phone consumption but I didn't.

Then, my school started but I still carry that phone addiction with me. Even with seemingly tight and productive schedule, I am still finding justification to use my phone more than I should.

The turning point for me was when I started to notice psychological and physical symptoms as in sulky, feeling low, shorter attention span, worthlessness, trembling fingers and migraine. I knew that moment, I need to reduce my consumption immediately. I knew that, using my phone unwisely will take part in my mental-health too.Hence, starting yesterday I am starting my phone detox.

However, I am still using my laptop because it's my tool to do my school work. In defense to that, it is also less convenient than mobile phone, which I can not use it while laying on my back and few inches close to my eyes. Also, even if I am connected to the internet, I spend less time browsing unrelated information,rather I tend to browse school related information.

In the end, just like the article said, " It is okay to not even have the phone within reach" So, reclaim your valuable time.

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