Monday, is it Moanday?

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Although technically I don't have a class in the morning, I still can not get the expected result from my seemingly tight schedule. Three weeks gone and I am still wondering what went wrong. I did not find the time to learn Portuguese,catching up with JSON, or sometimes, turning my assignment on time. Perhaps, this week I can catch up with all of them only if, I am able to following my schedule, like a robot.

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Sadly, I am a human being who even sometimes resenting social interaction, is a social butterfly. I like talking and taking the time to catch up with colleagues or classmate to discuss about homework or simply trivial things. Sometimes they come to me when my mind is too focused only to break my working flow. Other time, I can interrupt and make them stay for hours.So I am still figuring ways to have a healthy relationship with other human being.

Back to Monday.

I like Monday because I can start things all over again. I usually catch up with last week things and late responsibilities on Monday.I really take time to ponder what I must do the following week in order to have a successful week.

But in another note, I have been sick and a bit under the weather. So that might contribute to my unproductive days last week.

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I like too Mondays it make me feel truly like a new start.


hehe it just sets the mood for a new beginning ! Have a great one :)