Information overload

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This morning whilst having a creative writing class, I started to look at my content under a magnifying glass. I realized that my writing sometimes don't even make sense, disorganized, sloppy and lack of characterization. It's partly my fault because I tend to just put a little effort into my writing whilst I know, I am capable of producing something good.

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Writing might be easy. Everyone can do it. Everyone is an author these days but there is a certain distinguishable characteristic between one author to another. When I worked as a curator, I always try to find unique author but nobody is perfect. Some author can be verbose yet they have interesting writing flow, some can be lack of words but able to invoke our feeling as a reader.

Honestly I am not even sure what am I talking about now but perhaps I just want to ramble.

I have nothing to say even I was attending several thought provoking classes from the past several weeks. Perhaps I just have information overload and don't know how to process chronologically or logically?

It's like whilst some train their muscles through physical activity, I train myself through consuming information and constantly asking myself " why" "how "what?" , and instead of experience DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), I experience exhaustion and information overload.

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There's a great book called "Wired For Story". It talks about how we, as primitive beings, love story. It looks at neuroscience and several different characteristics of the human brain as a "how to write" compelling fiction.

It is an interesting read, examining the physiological "hooks" of reading, and story.

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Whoa thank you for the book recommendation, I'll have a look since that's relevant to some classes I am currently taking!