How's the weather lately?

in life •  2 months ago

It's been wet, muddy, bleak, and sad.

I am not really sure how to describe march but at this point, I am gonna need sun rays and some positivities to get through the day. Don't you need that too?

However, today in Indonesia it's the national holiday!

It's called "Nyepi" which is being celebrated by the hindu living in Indonesia. So the essence of that celebration is that people are abstaining from worldly activities. Such as abstaining from lights.


It's very common in Indonesia to have a holiday dedicated to religion which is recognized by the government.

It's form of religious tolerance we're trying to practice in this country. However, there is still lack of religious freedom. Religious freedom means not only that it supports those with religion but it includes accepting those without religion.

But it's a win win situation at this point to have holidays as form of practicing religious tolerance. Who doesn't love holidays?

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