FREE Stocks! Sign Up for a Webull and/or Robinhood Stock Trading Account and get Free Stocks! ZERO COMMISSIONS! Link Below.

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FREE Stocks! Sign Up for a Webull and/or Robinhood Stock Trading Account and get Free Stocks! ZERO COMMISSIONS! Link Below.

Howdie Y'all,

Webull and Robinhood are two free apps for iOS and Android and both have Windows and Mac desktop apps. I have always been interested in the stock market, but the commissions and fees just wouldn't fit into my budget to get me RICH! LOL! Now, along comes Webull and Robinhood. Both with 0% commissions! I hit the jackpot!

...and on Robinhood you can trade Cryptocurrencies...


In January 2020 I found out about these two apps that allow you to trade on the stock exchange with no commission fees whatsoever.

They are:


Source - Click Here to Join Webull!



Source - Click Here to Join Robinhood!

My first free stock on Webull was BIOS (Option Health Care) and was worth $4.17. I held the stock and bought 5 more. My second free stock after I deposited $100 in my account was ISBC Investors and was worth $11.91. I hold that stock still today. As of the writing of this blog, it is worth $11.60. But I didn't lose $.31, I gained $11.60, because it was a free stock.

I signed up a friend and he got MSFT (Microsoft) and my freebie because I signed him up was F (Ford Motors).

The stocks are randomly selected and can be worth up to $1,000 or more. I have increased my investment to $500 of my own money and I am up by about 25%.

In the Webull account I do day trading and swing trading, so for me Webull will be used for short duration trading.

The Webull app is really well designed and also has a desktop app with which you can get a better feel for the market. Im not a pro, nor do I play one on TV, just sayin', but I find it to be very user friendly and I caught on quickly. I can start my day on my computer and if I have chores or errands to run, I can follow my positions on the app on my phone. Easy Peasy!

Yesterday I signed up for the Robinhood App, which also has a desktop version. I found Robinhood to be very simplistic and easy to follow and understand. Actually, Robinhood is designed for beginners, and Webull is designed for people with a little more understanding of the market, but don't let that stop you from signing up for a Webull account.

My free stock with Robinhood was BYND (Beyond Meat) and was worth $119.50. Ever had an Impossible Whopper from Burger King? That's Beyond Meat. Boy did I hit the jackpot on that one!

Robinhood also allows CRYPTOCURRENCY TRADING! Yep!

In the Robinhood account, I will hold my long term investments Like SPCE (Virgin Galactic) and TSLA (Tesla) and so forth for dividends.

Interested? Click the link at the bottom to Join Webull, Robinhood, or BOTH Now! Whatcha waitin' on?

If you have ever wanted to jump into the Stock Market, which is breaking records almost daily, here is your chance. Below are my links to sign up. If you sign up with my links, I get free referral stocks because you signed up. After you get your account, you will be able to share your link and get free stocks for your referrals.

All in all , I like Webull better as a platform, but Robinhood is really simplistic if you don't have any idea of how to trade stocks. I do recommend that you immerse yourself into some YT videos to learn all you can before making your first trade.


Webull Free Stock Link

Click Here & Get A Free Stock From Lymmerik & Webull!

Robinhood Free Stock Link

Click Here & Get A Free Stock From Lymmerik & Robinhood!

Here is a little video that I made for Webull!

Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings!

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